Elizabeth Myfanwy Clough

Elizabeth is a an artist living in Conwy North Wales. She works is primarily with oils using a palette knife, but is also an experienced watercolour artist.

She has always enjoyed drawing and painting, but it was at the age of 10 that she realised that she had a flair for drawing.

After leaving school Elizabeth went to St.Albans Further Eduction College and studied art. She was taught to use oils and watercolours and thoroughly enjoyed studying the old masters.

It was during this time her uncle, who was a good artist, showed Elizabeth how to use oils with a palette knife. Later she went to teacher training college where art was her main subject.

Elizabeth finds inspiration across North Wales but it is the coasts of Anglesey and the mountains of Snowdonia which really capture her attention.

She finds sketching scenes in situ very exciting. Later the sketches become the basis of her work in the studio.