Bill Gribble

Bill Gribble was encouraged by his Aunt from a very young age to create and explore artistically. By 16, he was a founder member of the Midlands Art Centre (MAC) Birmingham and was employed by John Blundall, puppet master and sculptor of Thunderbirds, Stingray and’ Pob’ fame.

Bill undertook a three year teaching course in fine art at Alsager (Manchester Metropolitan University) and then progressed into a teaching career in Art, Craft and Design and achieved first and higher degrees at Manchester and Bangor Universities.

Bill is inspired by events and environments and records them through sketching, photography, sculpting and painting. Bill now lives and works in North Wales and is particularly captivated by the water around the coastline.

Bill is influenced by artists such as Lucien Freud, Kyffin Williams and Bill Brant. He aims to produce work that appeals to all by introducing these styles as well as using good design techniques.